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Financial Strength Building™

Financial Strength Building™ Toolkit is a one-stop solution to do more than crunch numbers- it provides the knowledge, education, and money-saving tools that you need to improve your finances.


Financial stability


Financial Strength Building™ Toolkit (FSBT) was designed in response to today’s need for the American household to return to financial well-being, gain access to the best financial services available, realize your dreams and provide for your future. The Financial Strength Building™ Toolkit (FSBT) guides you along your path to financial freedom and provides the satisfaction that comes from knowing that you are in control of your money. It has everything you’ll need to know, in a simple, fun-filled environment, including financial tools, every day bargains and deals, tools to monitor progress, online financial direction, and personal financial training to help you achieve fiscal strength – fast!

Here is how it works:
  1. The Toolkit helps you assess your finances and the way you think about money.
  2. It provides you with the proprietary Financial Strength Score™ (FSS). Your FSS identifies where you are today by calculating debt, income, spending and savings rations to offer recommendations on where to make spending changes to improve your finances.
  3. You will have a “Rapid Results Roadmap” made up of 12 modules focused on specific areas of financial strength building videos, worksheets, and other helpful guides.

Building your knowledge

The Four Foundations:

Financial stability depends on a structured process and the Financial Strength Building™ Toolkit automates and manages what you make, spend, and save. It helps you build a repeatable process for tracking and managing all your finances (Budget Management) while simultaneously automating the savings process (Savings System). You’ll learn ways to eliminate bad debt, understand when debt can be an asset (Debt Reduction) and implement lifetime habits that will improve your credit, increase your buying power and reduce the interest you pay over your lifetime (Credit Building).

Budget Management

Build a repeatable process for tracking and managing all your finances.

Savings System

Pay yourself first and automate the savings process.

Credit Building

Implement lifetime habits that will improve your credit, increase your buying power and reduce the interest you pay over your lifetime.

Debt Reduction

Learn ways to eliminate bad debt, understand when debt can be an asset.

A One-Stop Solution

Financial Strength Building™ Toolkit

( View the Full Toolkit Here! )

With the Financial Strength Building™ Toolkit (FSBT) you’ll be able to take advantage of our easy to follow step-by-step process to get your finances under control and start saving some serious money to build financial strength!

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Your ability to continue operations into the foreseeable future.

Your Financial Strength Score (FSS)


The FSS is all about you, your security, and your ability to withstand unplanned events!

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The Four Foundations

Budget Management – Savings System – Credit Building – Debt Reduction

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