Business Financial Tool Kit

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Life is unpredictable and when it comes to your business it is important to have the peace of mind to know you are covered for financial emergencies, litigation, debt consolidation, bankruptcy, taxes and more. Answer these next questions to determine in the financial tool kit is right for your business.

1. Have you conducted a thorough business analysis in order to make wise, profitable decisions?

2. Have you consulted with an industry expert to make sure your business is efficient and not wasting money?

3. Do you have a staff attorney to protect your business from legal action filed against you as well as handle litigation on your business’ behalf?

4. Have you implemented a tax strategy to assure you are writing off the correct business expenses?

5. Have you had your business documents and contracts reviewed by an attorney to assure your business is protected from litigation?

6. Have you performed a detailed assessment of your business complete with long-term and short-term goals?

7. Have you done a deep analysis of your competitors?

8. Is your business assets protected from divorce?

9. Do you have a trust in place to protect your family and business if something were to happen to you?

10. Do you have a plan in case of a business emergency and you must dissolve your business?

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